Somatex carefully inspects over 40 structural, mechanical, and electrical areas to check code compliance and identify items requiring maintenance or service. 

Our trained technicians inspect bridges to brakes, controls to clearances, runways to resistors, rope guards to running sheaves, loadblocks to limit switches, motors to mounts, and much more. Annual inspections will reduce maintenance and repair costs, keep your equipment operating productively, and help you avoid costly downtime and safety problems. While onsite Somatex service technicians will go the extra mile by topping off any low lubricants and notify you of any minor discrepancies that can be repaired during the inspection process saving your company time and money by eliminating the need for the technician to return to make the repairs.

Upon completion of your inspection, a detailed report that includes field checklist, notes on any deficiencies and rope/chain/hook certifications will be provided. Certification documents showing compliance with all OSHA CFR 29 Part 1910.179, National Electric Code, CMAA, and ANSI B30 requirements will be issued. If any units are found to be in non-compliance, complete repair quotations will be provided and repairs will be made upon approval.